Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make SilkBoard Signal Free

SilkBoard Traffic Nightmare
Being a day to day commuter on the harrowing silk board junction in Bangalore, i was wondering if there is any solution to the traffic woes here.I have thought of a simple solution which could be achieved with minimal cost and a little bit of co-ordination from various government agencies.
Please share critically if you see any issue in the above proposal, i tried to send emails to various government agencies and see if they could implement something, but as expected nobody bothers, so just uploading to my blog

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Srikanth said...

Today it took me 40 minutes to cross silk board junction from ORR towards JP Nagar.
Looks like poor traffic management. Every signal change in my direction is taking around 10minutes and today i waited for 4 rounds of signal change...phew!!

I cannot complain to Yedurappa since he is also in his own mess!! poor guy!!